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I turned my blog into a book!

I started the blog about random thoughts from the 60s because after I turned 60, I thought that was all I had…random thoughts.  Then I took the blogs and organized them by subjects.  I took each subject and grew it into a chapter.  I grew the chapters into a book.  The book will be out on Amazon in September.  This is a book about aging.  I do not think anyone should age alone.  It is about fighting back, doing everything possible to remain vital and relevant.  It is my story but it really a story about all of us.  It takes place in New York.  It has a Jewish slant but it is universal.  So kick & scream, laugh & cry, stretch & kvetch with me!!!!



I started writing as a way to cope with aging.  I had retired and could not wrap my head around the fact that I was old enough to be retired.  I still had energy, albeit, less than I once had.  I still had interests.  I still wanted and needed to feel relevant.

I took each blog and organized by subject matter.  I took the subjects and organized them in a logical way, first, second, third, etc.

I then expanded on each subject and wrote chapters.

I wove the chapters into cohesive, interconnected personal essays that turned into a 140-page book.  RAGING AGAINST AGING is a few days away from being published.

The entire process of writing this book took three years BUT… There is a story about a famous painter, I forget which one it was.  It might have been Picasso because he had chutzpah.  Anyway, a potential client, buyer asked him how much time it took him to paint a specific painting, hoping to chisel down the price.  But the painter thought and slowly answered:  “My whole life.”

My whole adult life is virtually poured into these 140 pages.  I hope you kick and scream with me. I hope you laugh and cry with me.  I hope you stretch and kvetch with me!