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The author of over 75 children’s books, Johanna Hurwitz, came to present at my grandson’s kindergarten.  It turns out that she was returning to her old neighborhood, as she attended a public high school in the area.  It was clear from the 100 attendees that storytelling is captivating.  The entire kindergarten class sat and listened to her tell about her character Russell, who was jealous that his baby sister Elyssa got to stay home while he had to go to school.  So his mom indulged him and let him engage in all the activities that his baby sister engages in.  And Russell ends up begging his mom to take him to school, even if it meant going in late!  My granddaughter came early and had a chance to meet the author one-on-one!   My grandson brought the author flowers.  And one little kindergartner bought a book she made to share with the author because she is an aspiring author.  Who knows if this meeting will change her life?

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I turned my blog into a book!

I started the blog about random thoughts from the 60s because after I turned 60, I thought that was all I had…random thoughts.  Then I took the blogs and organized them by subjects.  I took each subject and grew it into a chapter.  I grew the chapters into a book.  The book will be out on Amazon in September.  This is a book about aging.  I do not think anyone should age alone.  It is about fighting back, doing everything possible to remain vital and relevant.  It is my story but it really a story about all of us.  It takes place in New York.  It has a Jewish slant but it is universal.  So kick & scream, laugh & cry, stretch & kvetch with me!!!!